Cluster Offer

Thematic Workshops

SA&AM workshops are recurring meetings in thematic groups, organised as workshops for specific-problem solving or best-practice exchange.

Thematic groups

Thematic groups provide a forum for knowledge and competence exchange at the level of key staff (process engineers, production managers, etc.). Their aim is to accurately identify specific subjects and work around them, with a view to developing viable business solutions.

Thematic groups in the Cluster regularly meet for workshops, several times a year. These include:

  • Automotive Engineering and Research Centres
  • New Automotive Materials
  • Logistics
  • Industry 4.0
  • E-Mobility


Best-practice exchange

Meetings to exchange best practices are intended for promotional, business and reference purposes. They are hosted by businesses which own specific solutions and can share their successes in their respective fields with other interested cluster members. These meetings are also intended for image-building and business purposes, as in addition to conferences and expert panels, they traditionally include plant tours and B2B meetings.