Cluster Offer


Business 2 Business (B2B) meetings

B2B meetings are an important form of building relations within the Cluster – they involve business talks at the engineering level. These meetings are organised to allow stakeholders, Cluster Participants, OEM and TIER1 businesses to establish contacts with component sub-suppliers and service subcontractors. This helps them to optimise supply chains and tap the competence of local specialists for the purposes of their projects. 


Science 2 Business (S2B) meetings

Science to Business meetings are a new form of building relations at the meeting point of industry and science. These meetings focus on specific subjects put forward by businesses, and addressed by representatives of universities and institutes. As such, the meetings operate primarily on a demand basis, thereby offering greater market opportunities to both sides. As part of its core operations, SA&AM organises at least one S2B meeting a year.

On the one hand, S2B meetings bring together suppliers/holders (without intermediaries) of technologies for which there is a proven demand among Cluster-affiliated businesses. On the other hand, they are attended by such businesses interested in knowing whether and how individual technologies can be applied in their manufacturing processes.

These types of meetings primarily serve the purpose of providing access to high technologies at the business and manufacturing levels, while offering the opportunity to tailor these technologies to the needs of Cluster businesses. It should be also borne in mind that such meetings provide access to a specific technology to several companies at the same time, thereby creating economies of scale and building competitiveness while keeping business secrets intact, since deployment is done individually on a B2B basis (technology supplier – client).


Individual information brokering

This is the most advanced stage of cooperation in which the SA&AM team's role is to provide business arbitration, as well as communication, negotiation, legal and other types of support, in line with the needs reported by members of individual projects. These projects are handled by field-specific experts on the part of businesses, and by research-team leaders on the part of research partners.