Special Projects

DIH Silesia Smart Systems


SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS – Digital Innovation Hub – platform for cooperation between business support organizations, scientific units and universities, which focus on supporting various organizations in the processes of digital transformation. SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS supports those, who want to carry out digital transformation involving Industry 4.0 technologies or consider changing the business model and implementing smart products involving digital technologies. 

Main areas of SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS specialization are: 1) automation and robotics (Computer Integrated Manufacturing), 2) Cybersecurity and 3) Additive technologies and new materials for 3D printing, where DIH offers trainings, consultancy and demonstration services as well as 4) one-stop-shop - horizontal „soft measures”, including training and consulting, which prepare companies for the digital transformation process.

SILESIA SMART SYSTEMS takes a hands-on approach and customizes its services to meet specific customer needs. Cooperation with suppliers and integrators allows customers to meet potential partners to work with during the implementation phase of the digital transformation process.

Some of the preparatory activities for undertaking this initiative were carried out by the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSEZ) within the framework of the Silesian Competence Center of Industry 4.0. After two years of pilot activities and work with entrepreneurs and the broadly understood Industry 4.0 ecosystem in Silesia, as well as at the national and European level, we have come to the following conclusions:

  • The level of digitization in Poland remains uneven. The use and awareness of digital technologies vary greatly depending on the size of the company, sector and location.
  • Too slow diffusion of digital technologies threatens the ability to compete in the global economy, economic growth and job creation, and is a source of inequality.
  • There are new possibilities of acquiring external funds (Digital Europe Program, Just Transition Fund), the proper use of which will allow for the implementation of the assumptions of regional policy and European strategies.

In order to effectively implement the above assumptions, it was decided to remodel and extend the initiative. Katowice Special Economic Zone, the leader of the DIH consortium, launched the initiative that combines KSEZ experience and knowledge with the experience and know-how of other consortium Partners:

The experience of individual partners is integrated into a jointly developed package of standardized services, in order to effectively perform the role of one-stop-shop for Customers.

We also cooperate with suppliers and integrators of advanced technologies – members of Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing cluster. This provides our customers access to potential partners to cooperate at the implementation stage of digital transformation process.