Cluster Offer

Career and Competence

Aligning the vocational education system with labour-market needs, based on the K2 network in the central sub-region of the Śląskie Voivodeship.

The Katowice Special Economic Zone, the SA&AM Cluster’s coordinator, is implementing a project called “Aligning the vocational education on offer with local labour-market needs – vocational education.”

The project is intended for 456 students from 11 vocational schools and vocational education centres from the Bieruńsko-Lędziński District, the City of Bytom, the Pawłowice Commune and the Pszczyński District. These students attend training courses to secure additional licenses and skills increasing their chances on the labour market. They also take part in study visits and serve internships in businesses (231 individuals). Support under the project will also include qualifying courses and continuing professional courses for 83 teachers, as well as retrofits of vocational education laboratories (including computer, logistics and technology labs). The experience provided by this project in respect of cooperation between industry and vocational education has shown that there is a substantial demand for vocational training and professional internships among students.

The project was launched on 1 September 2016 and will continue until 28 February 2019. It will cost a total of PLN 7,551,538.58.

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